Dog Sitting & Boarding

Going on holiday should give you a chance to relax and switch off completely from responsibilities at home. However, anyone with a pet knows this is easier said than done when you’re worried about the one family member you’ve left behind. While you try wind down, holidays can also be stressful for dogs who are separated from their owner, then taken out of their home away from their familiar surroundings.

Now you can ease your dog’s stress – while putting your own mind at rest – and leave him at home where he feels most comfortable. Whether you need to be away for business, a short weekend or a long holiday, I can look after your dog in his home so you can look forward to your trip without worrying about settling him somewhere temporarily. Of course, as an added bonus, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that your home is safe and occupied in your absence.

This service is also available for cats, who can be visited in their own home and fed whilst you are away without the hassle and expense of cat boarding or the worry of asking a relative to take on the responsibility in your absence.

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